William M. White, Jr. and Associates, LLC
William M. White, Jr. and Associates, LLC
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William M. White, Jr. and Associates, LLC

Criminal Defense

“You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man's freedom.”
- Clarence Darrow

Having to defend yourself against allegations is physically and emotionally draining. If you have ever been arrested or brought before the court, you know the feelings of fear, embarrassment and rage over having your personal rights trampled. You have endured the violation of your personal integrity by government intrusion and police excesses. Your loved ones also suffer as they internalize what happens to you and they are forever changed by watching how you have been treated. In order to protect your family, you must first protect yourself!

At William M. White, Jr. and Associates, LLC, you are in good hands.

With over twenty-nine years of experience, you can trust our advice and know that you can turn to Attorney White to fight for you. Whether defending your criminal case in federal or state court, Attorney White will always keep your best interest at the center of your case.

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